The Front Porch Coalition works to help families cope with loss

RAPID CITY, S.D. — When law enforcement encounters a suicide, they turn to the Front Porch Coalition to help those left behind.

The coalition is located at Monument Health’s behavioral health center.

When a suicide occurs, law enforcement is typically the first on scene, they make the call for assistance from Front Porch to help the survivors.

Toni Speckman, Front Porch Coalition Director of Outreach and Communications, said “First thing is to make sure that the family is doing okay. The other thing is we’re assisting the police officers so that they themselves can do their job, they can do their investigation. And we are there to support that family and make sure that they’re getting the help that they need.”

The front porch coalition also has a loss team that consists of volunteers who have first-hand experienced of losing someone to suicide.

And the coalition urges anyone contemplating ending their life to call the 211 helpline.

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