The Founding Fathers building has a sweet new owner

THREE FORKS, S.D. — The Founding Fathers building on Highway 16 has a new owner and for those with a sweet tooth, help is on the way.

Construction is underway for the expansion of the Rushmore Candy Company. Four years ago the organization opened their doors in Three Forks and are now ready to bring their sugary sweets to a city near you. Owners say their growth is largely due to how they are able to maneuver during COVID.

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“It was an awesome summer. I mean we have a big enough building that social distancing was able to be done. We have the outside courtyard, the golf course. So if it was a little busier in here, you could take your time outside before you came in so the summer was just great,” said Wendy Bobbe, Owner of Candyland and Rushmore Candy Co.

The location in Three Forks will not be shut down and will remain open for business. Wendy says the second location will include more activities that are difficult to plan in their current location due to inclement weather.

“It’s gonna be a lot of the same things over there just be able to do more fun things. We don’t do a lot of Christmas specials here just because with the weather you may not be able to sell any of that.”

The new location is expected to be open in April 2021.

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