The first Spearfish Canyon Fall Leaf Report of 2020

SPEARFISH, S.D. — This is the first Spearfish Canyon Leaf Report of 2020. As you drive into Spearfish Canyon you will notice several bright yellow birch and aspen trees nearing 100% color change. Don’t lose heart! Many trees are just starting to transform into their fall colors. Now is a great time to witness the beginning of the change of seasons in Spearfish Canyon.

Color Change: 35% (Low to Moderate)

Leaf drop: Very Low

As you ride through the Canyon, look for hints of what is to come: Aspen trees with lime and buttery yellow leaves and birch with pops of golden leaves mixed among the emerald.

While the limestone cliffs of Spearfish Canyon may grab your attention, don’t forget to look down. The sumac and woodbine are also showing off their rainbow of colors right now – from yellow, to orange, to brilliant red. You may even see the resident mountain goats gnawing on the low-lying foliage.

Based on 20 years of Leaf Reports from Canyon author Jerry J. Boyer, we typically expect peak color change the last week of September. This summer’s hot, dry weather may mean less intense fall colors this year; but the warm, sunny days in the upcoming forecast coupled with cooler nights makes us hopeful for a brilliant fall leaf showing

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