The Fight for Spring: 60s and 70s expected Friday and Saturday

Winter and Spring fought over the region yesterday with Spring coming out on top for the next couple of days, plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures.

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  • Breezy conditions expected today, with cooler temperatures across the region.
  • Even with temperatures 20° colder than yesterday, we’re still average for this time of the year.

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  • Wind Advisories are in effect for Eastern portions of our area for 50 MPH winds
  • Still looking at high fire danger in the grasslands of West River, with Red Flag Warnings for areas of Nebraska.

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  • Clear across the region with plenty of sunshine – this is expected to persist over the next couple of days.

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  • By Thursday evening we have calming winds and continued dry conditions – so at least we can hold off the wind for a good 24 hours once we get to late Thursday afternoon.

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  • With plenty of sunshine and calm winds, temperatures are going to hit the mid 60s in some portions of our area, with 50s expected even in the higher elevations of the Black Hills.

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  • By Friday evening, winds start to pick back up… but from the West and Southwest.
  • This will lead to warm temperatures in the Eastern foothills overnight into Saturday, and these winds will continue into Saturday but will provide very warm conditions.

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  • How about 70s for Saturday? Spring and Winter fought over the region yesterday and … it would seem at the very least for the next couple of days Spring has the upper hand.
  • A rain/snow mix is likely Sunday night into Monday, but so far not expecting many impacts from that event.
  • Temperatures will sink back to average for the start of next week, with several small system expected to move through the region.


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