The Erik Files: Welcome to Halloween Week!

Well folks, gather around, it’s time for Season 1, Episode 36 of “The Erik Files”, and welcome to Halloween Week, and wow what a chilly start to the work week. Take a look at the past several hours, and look at 8 a.m., where we are at -5 degrees! Talk about cold.

042 Past Hour By Hour Live Cam


042 Dma Temps Cutout

As of 2:35 PM (The time I took a screen capture of the temperatures) we were in the teens and 20’s. We are sitting at 12 degrees here in Rapid City, as well as Philip. We are in the 20s from Ekalaka to Hot Springs, to Martin.

Well, the good news is, there are no advisories on the map.

Knbn Earth Borders And Roads

Clear Skies with wind chills well below Zero.

042 Ed Black Hills Area Forecast Lows Hd

042 Ed Black Hills Area Forecast Lows Hd

We will be warming up, with temps in the 40’s tomorrow, upper 40’s on Wednesday, How about Mid – upper 50’s for Friday, Low 50’s for Halloween, and Upper 50’s. Lots of sun will be the main forecast as well.

We’ll go over the Halloween Forecast later on in the week.


Enjoy your Monday!

-Erik Dean

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