The Erik Files: Welcome To Fall!

It officially arrived at 7:31 AM

Well folks, where did Summer go? It seemed like yesterday it was June 20, and we were celebrating the first day of Summer (Or in my case, being married as I got married to my wife Brooke on the first day of Summer.). But, we have officially entered a new season as fall officially started at 7:31 AM MDT. Obviously this means a nice plethora of pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and corn mazes. Of course, this also means hoodie weather (Of which I love all of the above.).

The good news is that Fall-like weather is in the forecast, and just in time for the weekend. We’ll talk about that later on. For the first day of Fall, we will see another warm one with temperatures in the 80’s and even low 90’s. We will start the day off with sunny skies, then cloud cover will start to thicken as we roll into the evening hours. The drawback is that the pesky haze we’ve been dealing with will make a return as well.

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HERE IN RAPID CITY: Mostly sunny skies will be the main player today, however the haze and smoke will return. We’ll see a high of 88 degrees with winds out of the SE @ 5-10 MPH. We’ll drop down to 62 degrees with Partly Cloudy skies. The wind will shift and be out of the NE @ 5-10 MPH 

Rapid City Skycast TodayRapid City Skycast Tonight



And there it is, look at that gorgeous fall-like weekend heading our way. Lots of sun, with temps in the 60’s & 70’s! Short term, we have temperatures in the 80’s for tomorrow, as well as Thursday. Keep in mind, our average high for this time of year is 72 degrees. Time to break out the Fall-like drinks, and hoodies, because Fall is here!

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Enjoy your Tuesday!

-Erik Dean

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