The Erik Files: Trouble in the Tropics

What happens when we run out of hurricane names?

**THIS DATE IN WEATHER HISTORY: On this day in 1984: Over 55 mph winds from a thunderstorm caused minimal damage to rural buildings southeast of Weston in eastern Campbell County.**

Good Monday everyone! Hope you had a wonderful, and refreshing weekend. If you haven’t closed your pool yet, I would recommend a nice swim. Temps will be in the Upper 80’s – low and mid 90’s for today. That warm weather won’t last though. We’ll talk about that later on down in this post.


Well, we now have 5 named storms in the Atlantic. This is the latest from the National Hurricane Center:
So we have Hurricane Paulette, Tropical Depression Rene, Tropical Storm Sally, Tropical Storm Teddy, and as of earlier today, we have Tropical Storm Vicky. To see the latest Storm Track for all 5 storms, go up and click on the pictures of each individual storm) Keep in mind, the peak of Hurricane is September 10th, and we’re already on the “V” Name? If we get one more named storm (which we will), it will be Wilfred. Well, then what?

Per the National Hurricane Center, when all 21 names are used, any additional storms will be named from the Greek Alphabet. This has been established by the World Meteorological Organization Tropical Cyclone Programme. The only time the Greek Alphabet has ever been used for storm names was in 2005 (The Katrina Year)

According to the WMO: “The National Hurricane Center had to use the Greek alphabet to name a tropical cyclone when the record-breaking Alpha formed”. Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta were also used that year.

This year will definitely be a hurricane season for the books. Stay tuned!



In our Neck of the Woods, We have a Fire Weather Warning out for the majority of the NewsCenter1 Viewing Area. This will start at noon, and go until 8:00 PM (WITH THE EXCEPTIONS OF SHERIDAN & JOHNSON COUNTIES IN WYOMING, AND CARTER COUNTY IN MONTANA. Your warning will expire at 9:00 PM this evening.) Temps will go back into the 90’s with humidity as low as 5-10%. Another factor we are looking at is the gusty winds. Some places could see gusts as high as 25 MPH.

042 Ed Advisories

In terms of today, the clouds will continue to dissipate, but one thing we DO have to keep an eye on is the smoke and haze making a return to portions of the Black Hills area.


042 Ed Hour By Hour
Would you look at that? Lots of sunshine, with temps in the low to mid 90’s. Some places towards the Wall & Interior area could see temps in the Mid-90’s. We’ll see clear skies for tonight, with some hazy conditions. We’ll see a mild evening with an overnight low of 62°.

2020 7 Day Am Offset Interactive

If you notice, I put the Average High and Low on the bottom. I did that because we go well above normal for today, down to well below normal by Friday. A couple of things that aren’t on here that I need to discuss: I am throwing a T-storm Chance overnight Wednesday, as well as early Friday Morning, and again Saturday night going into Sunday.

BOTTOM LINE: We do need some precipitation. The chances I have in are very widespread, so some places may not see a drop.

Enjoy your Monday!!


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