The Erik Files: Sweater Weather Ahead

**THIS DAY IN WEATHER HISTORY: On this date in 1931: Unseasonable warmth pushed into the region with highs of 91 degrees in Redig, 95 degrees in Dupree and Newell, and 97 degrees in Oelrichs.**

Well folks, it looks like I can break out the sweaters for a bit. I am going to keep this a little brief, but here’s a look at your Forecast for the remainder of the day: We’ll be in the upper 70’s by the 4:00 Hour, but take a look at the evening hours as we drive into the low 60’s, some places will be in the upper 50’s.

2020 7 Day Am Offset Interactive


2020 7 Day Am Offset Interactive

Ladies & Gentlemen, look at Thursday’s High of 58 Degrees! Keep in mind, our average high is 69 degrees now, so we are going well below normal, until we get into the weekend, where another Fall-like Weekend is in store. Keep in mind, October 1st is Thursday! I am keeping this short so I can dig up some research and prepare the October Stats.


Enjoy your Tuesday!

-Erik Dean

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