The Erik Files: Oh so close to the weekend!

Temps will remain above normal to start, only to go into the upper 50's/low 60's by the end of the weekend


**THIS DAY IN WEATHER HISTORY: On this day in 1982: An unusually early snowstorm dumped 36 inches of snow in Lead and caused over $2 million in damage across the Black Hills.**


Well folks, It’s time for Season 1, Episode 29 of “The Erik Files”, and Today, we are talking about the weekend. So gather around with a nice iced beverage, whether it’s an Iced Tea (or an Arnold Palmer in my case) or an Iced Coffee

So our average high is 65 degrees, and today we are going into the Mid 80’s. Our average high for this time of year is 87 degrees, and we’re going to come close to it. I have a forecast high of 86 degrees. Some of you will get VERY close to the big 90! I am looking at you Interior, as well as Pine Ridge.042 Ed Black Hills Area Forecast Highs Today Hd 042 Ed Black Hills Area Forecast Highs Today Hd


Upper 70’s – Low 80’s will be the forecast high range for the Black Hills with a little cloud cover, otherwise lots of sunshine. Here’s the latest Future Clouds/Radar Model and you see that band of precip that’s in Western Montana and Idaho? Watch what happens Sunday! Go ahead and hit that play button on Futurecast, you know you want to. 🙂

To see the 7 Day Forecast, make sure you watch the video forecast at the top of this page!

Enjoy your Thursday!


-Erik Dean
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