The Erik Files: Cheers to the weekend!

Cooler temps are in the forecast!


THIS DAY IN WEATHER HISTORY: On this day in 2010: Thunderstorms produced 3 to 5 inches of rain over the northern Black Hills. Lead reported 4.64 inches and Deadwood 2NE 4.12 inches. Also on this date in 1993, three to nine inches of snow fell in the Black Hills and far southwestern South Dakota. Heaviest amounts included 9.3 inches in Edgemont, 8 inches in Hot Springs, and 7 inches in Ardmore.**


Alright, we’re on 3rd base and rounding home into the weekend! Gather around for Season 1, Episode 30 of “The Erik Files”

Yesterday at the airport, our high was 89 degrees, which broke the old record of 87 set back in 1980.

Knbn Earth Borders And Roads

A Fire Weather watch is out for ALL of Campbell County, and portions of Crook, Weston, Custer, Fall River, and Oglala Lakota County. It starts Saturday @ Noon, and goes until 7:00 PM MDT. The one for Johnson County, WY also starts at Noon, but that one expires @ 8:00 PM MDT.


A smidge cooler as compared to yesterday. We will see temps in the upper 70’s / Low 80’s with lots of sunshine, and a little bit of a haze in the sky.

Here’s a look at our highs for today:

042 Ed Black Hills Area Forecast Highs Today Hd

042 Ed Black Hills Area Forecast Highs Today Hd

So We’re going to keep it brief as I am sure you have lots going on this weekend.

Another gorgeous day with temps will be in the upper 70’s – Low 80’s with lots of sunshine. It’s when we get into Sunday that a couple of things start looking interesting.


Take a look at FutureCast, and watch what happens to the temperature as we go throughout the day. You notice we’ll see our high in the overnight hours. I added the Wind Arrows behind the temperature to show you what is happening. Notice once the wind shifts from the South to the North, the temps will fall throughout the day. So I have a Forecast high of 67, but you’ll want to dress for the low 50’s as that’s where we will be by the noon hour.

2020 7 Day Am Offset Interactive W. Towercam Background

After this weekend, we start the work week with highs in the upper 50’s/low 60’s. Our average high for this time of year is 64 degrees, and we’ll kind of dance around that number for Monday, Tuesday as well as Wednesday. On Thursday, we are getting rid of the 60’s, and only going into the Mid 50’s for our high.

Enjoy your weekend!

-Erik Dean

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