The Erik Files: A Chilly start to the work week!

**THIS DAY IN WEATHER HISTORY: On this date in 1997: High winds upward of 60 mph were recorded throughout the area.**

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for Season 1, Episode 31 of “The Erik Files”. I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend.

Wow, this weekend wasn’t bad at all! Saturday was definitely the pick of the weekend with lots of sun, and a high of 84°. Believe it or not, Sunday, we had a high of 72°, but we hit that at 7:15 AM, and temps fell throughout the day. Some places, especially across portions of Wyoming picked up a little bit of rain. It wasn’t much, but at this point, we’ll take what we can get as we are now over 3″ BELOW normal for the year.


042 Past Hour By Hour Live Cam

So if you joined me this morning at 6, you noticed that we went from 38 degrees to 29 degrees! The Wind Chill was 24 Degrees, with some places seeing the Feels Like Temperature in some places, especially in our Wyoming Counties, in the Mid – Upper Teens! Combine that with the fact that’s Monday, and that made for a perfect reason to get the XL Cup of Coffee this morning before you made the drive to work.


So our average high in Rapid City is 63 Degrees. We’ll get back into the upper 60’s and low 70’s with sunshine to start.
Here’s a look at Futurecast and you’ll notice the clouds pick up, only to decrease, only to pick up again tomorrow afternoon. Watch what happens on Wednesday, Precipitation chances return to the Black Hills area.


WEDNESDAY: That’s when Temps start to drop. We go into the upper 50’s – low 60’s for highs, then here comes Thursday, where we don’t even make it into the 50’s!

2020 7 Day Am Offset Interactive

I want to draw your attention to Thursday Morning. We need to keep an eye on the overnight low, where I have it at 33. I think we’ll see mostly rain if we see anything, but as for the upper elevations, I wouldn’t rule out a few flurries in the early morning hours.

Enjoy your Monday

-Erik Dean

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