The Dahl brings holiday cheer with lunch hour concerts

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Beautiful sounds could be heard from the Dahl Art Center as part of their free Annual Holiday Concert Series on Wednesday.

Conductor Milo Winter led the brassy Rapid City New Horizons Band as they performed seasonal and classic songs for visitors. Some favorites included excerpts from the musical “West Side Story.”

Listeners brought food and were provided coffee for the lunch hour session.

Stephen Branch, arts education director for the Dahl, said he hopes their holiday series becomes synonymous with the holiday season for Rapid City residents.

“Hopefully, we’ll become even a longer tradition,” Branch said. “When they think back to Christmas time and the Black Hills and Rapid City, they’ll think of our noon concert series.”

Rapid City Arts Council Board Member Paula Wing said the concert can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

“It brings in all ages – families, little kids mixing with the older, beautiful music – and we’d like to be open to the public and have everyone enjoy our facility,” Wing said.

The arts center will host one more concert featuring the Shrine of Democracy a cappella group next Wednesday at noon.

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