The Creek Patrol working to rebuild Camp Mnizluzahan

Rapid City, S.D. — After weekend protests in Rapid City, The Creek Patrol is working to rebuild Camp Mniluzahan, in a new and as of yet undisclosed location.

Four tipi’s were erected near the Central States fairgrounds, but then ordered by law enforcement to be removed. The plan was to provide shelter for the homeless in Rapid City over the winter.

The Creek Patrol had been in talks with the city about how to best serve the most vulnerable, but communication has been strained since the weekend events. Both groups are unsure if the other is willing to meet, and the creek patrol says it will only meet on its terms. In the meantime, the patrol has not given up.

It’s found a plot of tribal land outside of Rapid City jurisdiction for the camp. and is rebuilding. Through a newly created website the patrol is asking for land back for unsheltered relatives, and for donations in the forms of wood-stoves, yurts, first-aid supplies, and tiny homes.

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