The coronavirus impact on local bars and restaurants

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Servers in South Dakota worry about the impacts of closing bars and restaurants, should it happen in South Dakota.

Murphy’s Pub and Grill in Rapid City is planning to keep business running with a delivery service, starting the end of this week. Delivery would be run by servers, who might otherwise lose their income.

Tony Demaro, owner of Murphy’s Pub and Grill, said “Basically in an effort to get as many people on the team to keep their jobs, we are going to launch delivery and we are going to go as far as we can as fast as we can so that as many of our servers who would be unable to put food on their tables because they make tips. So you gotta imagine if you don’t come into the restaurant, there’s no way for them to make money.”

Servers elsewhere are not as sure as to what the future holds. (Kol), in downtown Rapid City, had just two customers by Tuesday afternoon. Server Brandon Clayton is worried about his only source of income being lost should business continue declining.

“I’m relying on this job because my side job, my personal business is just right now needs investment, capital which I’m not getting.” said Clayton.

For a Saint Patrick’s Day afternoon, Tony Demaro says it was the slowest year yet.

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