The City of Box Elder is rapidly expanding

BOX ELDER, S.D. — The City of Box Elder, home to Ellsworth Air Force Base, is expecting immense growth over the next few years.

Not only is the base expecting the B-21 raider within the coming years, but the city itself is adding infrastructure.

Over the past few months, the city has continued to evolve and expand.

Box Elder has often been lumped with Rapid City because it’s a quiet, less developed neighboring town. That will soon change and Box Elder will have its own individual identity.

There will be an abundance of options for business, entertainment, and dining.

Across from the city hall, contractors are building a series of strip malls.

The malls are expected to house seven different units, with enough space for two businesses to work from each unit. The plan is to house a variety of businesses in these facilities.

“The door is wide open. That’s the idea behind it as that we can house anything from a dentist office, to a sandwich shop. Commercial, medical, all those types of things can fit into that facility,” says public works director, Doug Curry.

If you loop around behind Douglas Middle School, you’ll find the old Vandenburg school building.

That building has been taken over by a manufacturing company and the building will undergo an expansion within the next few years.

In that same area is vacant land, that contractors plan on covering with infrastructure. This space will also host various business and expand job opportunities in the area.

This particular area is more than twice the size of the strip mall lot and it will take longer to develop.

“This is a really fun, interesting project that we’re looking forward to, it’s going to be great for the city,” adds Curry.

Lastly in the Villa Ranchero Plaza, contractors are working on building a Timmon’s Market.

Curry shared, “The project has been moving steadily. We don’t have an exact final date of when we think the doors will be open. We’re guessing by the end of the year for sure, it should be up and running.”

The city says this is just the beginning of their plans,  and within the next few years business and comradery in the city should be booming.

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