The Children’s Miracle Network reveals its 2019 Champion

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Zachary Wilson was your average, healthy 11-year-old boy who liked to ride his bike and build snowmen with his younger sister. One day he started experiencing flu-like symptoms and a fever that would not break. 

His parents took him to the emergency room where doctors ran tests and found out he had necrotizing pneumonia, which is a bacterial infection that kills the tissue in the lungs. From that point on Zachary’s health rapidly declined.

“He couldn’t eat any longer, they had to put feeding tubes in him and he was hooked up to all sorts of machines. That was hard,” said his mother Petra Wilson.

With the help of his doctors, the Children’s Miracle Network, and his supportive family he made a full recovery.

“Before I went in I just didn’t feel really good at all, my back hurt and it was hard to breathe. Now I’m doing just fine,” said Zachary.

For weeks he needed intensive treatment, bringing home an IV bag that pumped antibiotics through his system for weeks.

His story is truly a miracle, which made him the Children’s Miracle Network’s champion of 2019. The organization honored him with a medal, tickets to Watiki, and gift baskets for him and his younger sister.

Along with that, he gets to campaign with the network throughout the year.

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