The Cave Collective finding new ways to reach out online

RAPID CITY, S.D. — There were several future plans underway for The Cave Collective when threats of the Coronavirus spreading thwarted its path. The decision to shut down the venue — a difficult one to make.

Dexter Carmon, owner of The Cave Collective, said “All of this work we’ve been doing for months stopped overnight. The shows got canceled and what we planned on going from, we had planned on expanding dramatically over the next couple of months to shutting down entirely now”

Carman says he and his partner Natasha made the decision to sign up on Twitch, a free internet based livestreaming platform, to present local artists with a one-stop shop for their sets.

“We felt that, you know, with all these artists livestreaming on Facebook right now, it would be really great to have a virtual venue where instead of just people individually streaming, we’d try to line up streamers back to back. It’s all just right there.” said Carman.

There are uncertainties of how soon after the quarantine is lifted, The Cave Collective will be able to resume to business as usual. Still, Carman affirms there was no other way.

“This is real and people are going to die because of this and we have a chance right now to stop that spread and save our friends, save our loved ones and we have a moral and social obligation to do that no matter how it effects our finances.” said Carman.


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