The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center breaks ground on new facility

RAPID CITY, S.D. –  Despite some sprinkles, it was a groundbreaking day for The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center (TBIRC) on Wednesday. The three-bedroom housing unit is made possible because of capital campaign efforts and through two generous grants from the South Dakota housing opportunity and a community development block grant.

Dr. Justine Ashokar is the Director of Clinical Services there.

She says this is a great way to provide more options to people in need of treatment. “We work with people who have brain injuries, whether they are traumatic or acquired brain injuries. So after they are done with their treatment in the hospital, before they go home, this would be a place where they can still continue to have a safe environment because some people are not ready to go home yet.”

This extra will allow more people to receive treatment for their long-term recovery here in South Dakota, something that Black Hills Work CEO, Brad Saathoff says is incredibly important. “If we can offer housing with the support that a person with a brain injury needs – at least somewhere close to where their family lives, then that’s a big win.”

TBIRC has been providing brain injury rehabilitation in South Dakota since 1988.

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