The annual Chili Pepper Festival brings the heat to Rapid City

Jolly Lane Greenhouse hosted their 17th annual Chili Pepper Festival

RAPID CITY, S.D. – From September 16-18,  Jolly Lane Greenhouse hosted their 17th annual Chili Pepper Festival. The three-day event sees thousands of people that come to feel the heat of a variety of different peppers.

Chili Pepper Festival 2022Owner of Jolly Lane Greenhouse, Tim Sime, said, “We had 11 varieties of chili peppers, and that’s everything from Anaheim which is a very mild variety heat wise on, up to dynamite which is on the hot end and all the way in between.” 

But, the festival has a lot more than just peppers. There were also food trucks, live music and much more fresh produce.

The event is about showcasing all of the different peppers, as well as the other produce that is in season this time of year. For some people, spice might not be their thing.

On the topic of spicy peppers, Sime stated, “People tend to feel that if you’re not familiar with them, that it’s just a hot pepper. And it is. It’s more about you can be about the heat, but it’s also about the flavor.”

The hottest of the peppers at the festival are not only hot, but also very flavorful. This is the reason that they also roast some of the peppers, to bring out the flavor while also making the spice a little more mild.

If you want to know more about chili peppers, Jolly Lane Greenhouse has a great article on their website.

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