The 2020 Primary Election draws near

As the days draw closer to the June primary election, the Pennington County administration building is busy with early voters casting their ballots.

PENNINGTON COUNTY, S.D. — Next week this time, folks will be hustling to get their voice heard and vote counted for the primary election.

The Pennington County Auditors Office wants citizens to exercise their right to vote without jeopardizing their health.
Pennington County Administration Building, voting

Pennington County Administration Building, voting

Absentee or early voting is happening now at the Pennington County Administration Building. Expect to social distance and get a verbal screening at the door before entering.
Typically, voting is a simple process, and it still is- just with more added precautions this year.

Pennington County Administration Building, voting

Cindy Mohler, Pennington County Auditor, says, “We do have the protection screen up for my staff, we will have them show their ID, give them their ballot, get them the envelope and then they can go vote, put it in the ballot box and be done- it’s really simple.”
Anyone voting early is asked to make an appointment, but if somebody does show up without an appointment, the number is posted on the door so they can call and staff can work them in- as they won’t turn anyone away. Early voting is until 5 p.m. on Monday, June 1. The number is 394-2153.

Pennington County Administration Building, voting

Mohler says there have been more absentee ballots this year and that auditor staff is busy working hard to make sure voters get their ballots.

Mohler says, “If we do receive the absent ballot application in the mail today, we will more than likely get that ballot back out in the mail today to that person, that is always our goal- is to turn them around the same day.”
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, voting will look and feel a bit different this year, wearing a mask is optional as is bringing in your own pen to vote with. There will be markings on the floor as well as tables spread out as to encourage social distancing. Mohler says to keep the pen if you use one at the voting site.
Polling places will be open on Election Day and with social distancing in effect, it may make for long lines. Prepare for extra time and any type of weather, as you may be waiting outside.
Pennington County Administration Building, voting

Pennington County Administration Building, voting

With over 20 years of experience at the Auditor’s office, Mohler says that this year is pretty unpredictable, saying, “It’s really hard to say how this election is going to go, you know as the cases rise- will there be more people who didn’t take time to vote early that will not go to the poll on election day, which could reduce the voter turn out? I really don’t know.”

Mohler added that staff is sanitizing tables, chairs, counter tops and sanitizing their hands between voters.

A reminder that the Pennington County Administrative Building is not a polling site- you must go to your poling precinct to vote.

Click here for more voting information.

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