Thanksgiving Day bike ride

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Wanting to get ahead of the calories this Thanksgiving a group of avid cyclists gathered at Founders Park for what they call, The Thanksgiving Day Ride, so you can eat that extra piece of pie.

“We started this about 25 years ago,” said participant Chris Seeley. “Just a small group of friends went for a ride on Thanksgiving morning because it was a day like today, where it’s pretty nice out. It turned into a tradition after that. So every year, we try to do it – weather permitting, of course. When it’s snowy, cold, and blowy we don’t do it, but it’s been pretty much every year.”

All the same, a little morning chill didn’t stop the riders from getting an early workout this year. Previous years saw up to 30 participants, but a combination of beautiful weather and safe gathering brought more participants than anticipated.

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Along with the bike ride, there were a number of early morning Thanksgiving workouts held throughout Rapid City for those hoping to make room for extra Thanksgiving dessert.

“A good way to get out, burn some calories, have some camaraderie so when you go home and stuff yourself later, you don’t quite feel so bad about it,” Seeley added.


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