Tessier celebrates 100-year anniversary

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Tessier started as a small family-owned roofing company.

On Thursday they celebrated their 100-year anniversary. In that time they’ve grown and expanded through, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Iowa.

Although they started in 1919 they did not come to Rapid City until 1978. The company now specializes in heating, cooling, sheet metal, and specialty fabrication.

On Thursday they celebrated at their North Plaza Dr. location with a cookout, music, and guest speakers.

Tessier was involved in the construction of the Regional Health Orthopedic Center and the Civic Center when it was first built.

They’re also known for hiring local and providing reasonable wages for its employees

“The secret sauce that Tessier has is its employees. We believe in them every day,” said Georg Olson, the Rapid City manager.

Tessier has over 200 employees and takes on about 1,000 projects each month.

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