1+1 Winner: Terry Lundeen

NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank were out Friday morning to surprise an area teacher with the second 1+1 grant of the school year.

Rapid City High School teacher Terry Lundeen was presented with a $500 check during class. Lundeen teaches computers to students in grades nine through twelve. He’s planning to use the money to help students interested in certifying for Microsoft Office, which costs $50.

Lundeen said he took a chance in applying, wishing for the best. “It’s making hope happen. It’s saying, hey, I can do something.”

Speaking of Lundeen and his students, KNBN Sales Manager Anna Whetham calls them all winners and is proud to help.

“His personality, his spirit, it’s just contagious, and I know that’s helping those kids out. So I think he truly personifies who we are looking for in our winners.”

Every other week, NewsCenter1 and First Interstate Bank partner to grant a teacher $500 to cover costs of a project the teacher might otherwise have to pay for out of his or her own pocket.

To nominate a teacher yourself or someone else for the giveaway, click here.

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