Teen receives wish to visit 9/11 memorial

Make-A-Wish and Ellsworth AFB partnered together

ELLSWORTH, AFB, S.D. – Very rarely does the Make-A-Wish Foundation see a request as unique as this one. Justin Mohler is a 17-year-old who struggled with chronic kidney failure and received a transplant in November. 

Throughout his life, he has always been patriotic and in awe of those who serve and protect others. When asked by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, what his ultimate wish was, for him the answer was easy. He wanted to see the 9-11 memorial in New York City.

Mohler was born exactly one week after 9/11 and on the air forces 54th birthday. Although he was just a week shy of witnessing the event first hand, he is still deeply touched by it. He is inspired by the courage and selflessness of the heroes that responded on that tragic day in our history.

Not only is service and sacrifice his passion, but it may also be his calling in life.

Once he completes his high school education, he hopes to enlist in the Marine Corps. His ultimate goal is to be on the battlefield and fight for the freedom of others—just like all the first responders that inspired him.

“Well, I’ll tell you it’s unique. We always talk about folks who want to serve it’s a calling and it’s not something that is for everybody and when you have someone that has that drive and motivation to go after what they want nothing gets in the way. I wish him the very best and I hope that he has the opportunity to serve in some capacity.” said Lt.Col Nichols of Ellsworth AFB.

Nichols also gave him two coins that were significant for him during the 9/11 attacks. Along with that the Logistic Readiness Squadron gave him a patch and made him an honorable member of their squadron.

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