Teens able to attend virtual prom garage party despite pandemic

Rapid City, S.D. — South Dakota has closed schools for the remainder of the year, meaning students will be forced to miss out on their coming of age proms.

When they should be studying for finals, shopping for outfits, and finalizing their after prom plans, many are quarantined at home. In order to provide students with an outlet and opportunity to experience a type of prom, Colt45 hosted a virtual prom garage party this weekend. Nick Rottum, Owner of Colt45 Entertainment said, 

“I understand that we can’t bring big groups together right now, but you can have your social media set up also, to where you’ve got your friends online and you’ve got them on your phone or you got them on another screen and you guys are all socially interacting together and having fun. But just have fun with it, that’s my big thing is I want you to create some kind of prom memory for yourselves. I understand it’s not the traditional prom, but it’s something for you guys right now.”

Teens from around the area, as well as viewers from outside South Dakota joined in for a memorable night of song and dance. Viewers were even able to request special songs through Facebook. The company also hosts a weekly Friday night duo and other events to keep people entertained during trying times. Rottum said,

“You know, music to me is what keeps people going, and just kinda makes you forget about what’s going on in the outside world today. So if people want more of this, I‘m more than happy to do it.”


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