Teca Wacipi Okolakiciya pow wow at the Civic Center

RAPID CITY, S.D – Tribes from all over western South Dakota gathered to celebrate in a traditional pow wow Wednesday afternoon. Students from schools throughout the Native American community made up the bulk of the performers.

The event was put on in support of the schools and students.

For the competition portion, there were four categories. The categories were made up of kids from kindergarten to 12th grade. One person from each category was awarded at the end of the event.

The pow wow is a yearly tradition organized by Teca Wacipi Okolakiciya. The Lakota Nation Invitational (LNI) also kicked off on the same day. Vienna Kills Warrior, one of the coordinators of the pow wow, said it adds to the energy of the celebration.

“It’s kind of like we kick off the LNI. It brings a lot of students from different schools and different reservations but also other people that are here for the tournaments. They are welcome to come in and take a peek at what the pow wow is and watch the dancers,” said Kills Warrior.

This highlights the culture and spirituality of the Native American community. All of their schools either have a dance club or a hand games club. These clubs prepare the students to perform and present some of their cultural traditions.

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