Teacher implements unconventional seating style in her classroom

1+1 Scholarship Winner

RAPID CITY, S.D. – This week’s 1+1 scholarship winner was to Haley Dressler – a 6th-grade reading teacher at South Middle School. She has 120 students and wants to assure that all of her students get the quality of education that they need. Being that there are so many students she understands that not all of have the same learning style, and wants to create an environment that is suitable for everyone.

“I don’t like having kids sit in traditional desks and rows and stuff. I like having options for them- bean bags and comfy stuff for them,” said Dessler.

She noticed that her student perform better and feel more motivated when they are in a more casual environment. It takes the pressure off of them and allows them to be themselves and work to their full potential.

“Haley is super creative as a teacher, she always comes up with great ideas when you walk into her classroom as you can see it’s just, it’s different from most classrooms and to have the flexible seating, that allows kids for choice and a more enjoyable environment,” said Darren Schmidt the school’s principal.

First Interstate Bank takes pride in giving back to the community and the future leaders within it. They heard that Haley was new to teaching and stepped in to assure she would have all that she needed.

“She is a newer teacher so I know you know starting out we just want to make sure that she has everything she needs to succeed in her career,” said Korahl Anspach with the bank.

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