Teacher debates Rapid City Area School’s non-discrimination policy

RAPID CITY, S.D. – A teacher at Central High School, Andrew Belsaas, has persisted week after week to advocate for his students. He has stood in front of City Council and the school board to ask for equal opportunities for his non-gender conforming students. 

On Monday, he confronted the school board about the district’s non-discrimination policy. Rapid City Area Schools has a non-discrimination policy that protects race, religion, sexual preference and more. The discrimination policy does not mention non-gender conforming students. Non-gender conforming refers to people that identify as transgender or gender other than their biologically assigned sex.

“It’s a question of being an all-inclusive district and making sure that all students have access to a free and appropriate education,” said Belsaas.

Belsaas has been turned down before, but he says he will keep pushing for his students.

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