Taking care of our natural parks this tourist season

Leave No Trace - Center for Outdoor Ethics visits Jewel Cave National Monument

Fourth of July week is one of the biggest weeks for tourists in the Black Hills.

Being that we are known for our beautiful landscape it’s important to remember to be kind to nature this holiday.

This means not leaving trash behind, practicing fire safety with campfires, respecting wildlife and more. Just recently, several people were under investigation for tampering with nature at Wind Cave National Park.

“Leave No Trace” is an outdoor ethics group by Subaru. Two of its traveling trainers were at Jewel Cave National Monument to bring awareness to the cause.

“Leave No Trace is all about education and it is all research-based education. We have 4 traveling trainer teams on the road, and we travel all over the country and we offer over 600 free educational programs a year. We talk about how to take care of the environment responsibly,” said traveling trainer, Monika Baumgart

Although it may be tempting to take a natural souvenir it is best to respect the environment. Those who take from the parks can face fines and other consequences.

“One of our principles is ‘leave what you find’ and I think that’s really important so that we can leave the environment as we find it so the next person can enjoy it as you found it,” said traveling trainer David LeMay.

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