Tag, you’re it! Here’s how to harvest your perfect Black Hills Christmas tree

The tags are only $10, and Christmas is just one month away.

BLACK HILLS NATIONAL FOREST, S.D.- Holidays can be tough on the budget, but most of us can spare $10, which is all you need to get your own tree from the Black Hills National Forest! Here are some instructions to make sure you find the perfect tree, and do it right.

  1. Taking Christmas Tree HomeBuy a tag. You can do this here online or go to a forest service office in person.
  2. Check the map to see where you can harvest your tree, and where the different trees are. “The spruce trees really like higher elevations…shaded cool areas, so one of the places you commonly find the spruce tree is on a north facing slope. In the wintertime, the sun is basically on the south side- the north facing slope provides a cool environment for that tree to grow,” explains Scott Jacobson, Public Affairs Officer for the Black Hills National Forest.
  3. Once you know where you’re headed, take someone along with you, and tell someone at home where you’re going.
  4. Dress for the weather, and what the weather could turn into. Bring water too!
  5. Hike around, and look for the tree that feels right for you and the space it’s going into. There’s a tree out there for everyone. “There’s lots of trees- small trees, tall trees and everything in between,” Jacobson says with a smile.
  6. Make sure the tree you choose is 20 feet tall or shorter, and that the stump you leave behind is less than 6 inches tall.Cutting Christmas Tree
  7. Safely harvest the tree, and tag it. “Tags are one per tree, and you put the tag on the bottom part of the stump. When you haul it, you gotta have the tag on it,” Jacobson adds.
  8. Get that tree home safely and decorate it!
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