Sutton unveils healthcare plan

Proposal to address cost, accessibility and addiction services across the state

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Billie Sutton was in West River South Dakota Wednesday to discuss his plan for health care.

Billie Sutton talks health care in Rapid City Wednesday

He met with healthcare professionals as well as law enforcement during a roundtable discussion at the Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City to introduce his proposed plan, called “Improving Care for Families: A Plan for a Strong and Healthy South Dakota.”

His proposed policy focuses on five issues that the healthcare industry faces in South Dakota: affordable healthcare services, improved access to care in rural areas, improved mental health services, elderly and disabled care, as well as addiction prevention and treatment.

One issue facing South Dakota is Medicaid reimbursement, which Sutton said sits at the intersection of two problems: health care access and the flight of skilled healthcare workers to other states.

“We have a community service provider in Winner that is offering less in starting wages than McDonald’s,” said Sutton. “And that is tied directly to our Medicaid reimbursement rates. They care for people with high levels of disabilities, and they’re having a hard time keeping people to do their job.”

Sutton also said that South Dakota’s issues are unique to South Dakota and need to be tailored to the state’s unique situation.

You can learn more about Sutton’s proposed plan here.

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