Sutton, Seiler, Bjorkman visit Rapid City for Democratic Roundup

RAPID CITY – Democratic candidates for the offices of Attorney General, US House of Representatives, and the South Dakota Governor’s office were in Rapid City on Saturday for the Democratic Roundup.

The polls are open for early voting across the state, and the Democratic candidates met with voters at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center to re-iterated their platforms. The potential leaders also used the meeting to

Tim Bjorkman, a former judge who faces Republican Dusty Johnson for the US House of Representatives, has made it a core principal of his campaign to avoid Super PAC money.

“I wouldn’t take a dime of any special interest money, because I want to go there to fight the special interests who are controlling congress and keeping our pharmaceutical and healthcare costs so high,” said Bjorkman.

Attorney General candidate Randy Seiler faces Republican Jason Ravnsborg. He stressed the need to fight public corruption and alleviate the meth epidemic with treatment instead of punishment.

“Drug dealers don’t respect jurisdictional boundaries, and neither can law enforcement,” Seiler said. “The task force approach across South Dakota, we want to put a renewed emphasis on that so we can get the drug dealers.”

Gubernatorial candidate Billie Sutton, who faces Republican Congresswoman Kristi Noem, gave a message of unity for the state’s Democrats and Republicans.

“They’re tired of the Republican versus Democrat narrative,” Sutton  said. “I’ve worked across the aisle every day in the legislature to bring people together. We’ve accomplished some really good things by working together.”

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