Supply shortage impacts local shelters

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Supply chain issues have made their way through store shelves and kitchen shelves, and have even reached local shelters.

Cornerstone Rescue MissionCornerstone Rescue Mission says that they’ve seen delays in the arrival of their orders. In addition, donations are on the decline, which presents challenges, especially in the cold season when the mission is often over-capacity.

“We do get a lot of people that just drop off food, kind of clean out their pantry shelves and stuff like that, and we’re not getting a lot of that anymore,” says Lysa Allison, Cornerstone Rescue Mission’s Executive Director. “And I understand that it’s really tough for people all the way around, so we totally get it.”

Allison says they’ve had to change some of their brands and order from different vendors, but they’ve been able to figure out ways to make it work.

If you are able to spare any items, they’re looking for milk, eggs, coffee, and sleeping supplies like blankets, pillows, and twin sheet sets.

All of their beds are currently full, and they’re allowing nearly 50 more people to sleep on floors to escape the upcoming winter weather.

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