Sunday Winter Storm: Forecast and updated road conditions

Road conditions have deteriorated overnight in the I-90 corridor, while heavy blowing snow still leaves portions of I-90 shut down this morning

  • Snow bands continue to pummel the Northern and Eastern flanks of the Black Hills this morning, with areas of blowing snow and reduced visibility.
  • Snow is expected to taper off later this evening going into Monday morning, but travel could be difficult in the I-90 corridor until that time.

  • Winter Weather Advisories and Winter Storm Warnings remain in effect today going into Sunday evening, and in some cases until Monday morning.
  • Areas East of the Black Hills need to be prepared for further accumulations, and road closures until possibly late Monday.

  • Most of the state is under a No-Travel Advisory, with I-90 between Rapid City and Mitchell remaining closed until further notice.
  • There are no indications of when I-90 will re-open, but some reports suggest this closure could last until at least Monday.

  •  The upslope enhancement on the Northern and Eastern flanks of the Black Hills is starting to take its toll, with snow covered roads and slick conditions stretching from the Wyoming border all the way to Rapid City along I-90.
  • A No-Travel Advisory remains in effect for highway 34 heading East from Sturgis, portions of Northwest South Dakota on the contrary has hardly seen any impacts from this system.

  • The Central and Southern Hills continue to see snow covered roads and windy conditions, but accumulating snow seems to be tapering off at this hour.
  • The further East you head from Oelrichs, the worse the driving conditions become.
  • Highway 18 through Batesland continues to be under a No-travel advisory.

Here’s a look at some road conditions across the region this morning.

  • Deadwood, US-85, US 14-A

  • Sturgis, I-90

  • Wall, I-90 CLOSED

  • SD-79 Outside Hot Springs

  • Three Forks US-16 & US 385

  • Rapid city – downtown

Here are some images taken at Rapid City Regional Airport this morning as well.


If you’re in the Black Hills, most of this action will be on and off throughout the day. The damage has already been done however along the I-90 corridor from Spearfish to Rapid City, as gusty winds will blow around even moderate accumulations and could make driving difficult. Most accumulating snow seems to have ended for now in the Central and Southern Hills, and should see relatively minor impacts through the rest of the day.

East of the Black Hills is a different story entirely… Things are just getting started in some ways. 50-60 MPH winds with several more inches of snow are expected. If you have travel plans through the middle of the State, you’ll have to wait for winds to die down and that could mean Monday before you can travel. We thought this storm would cut it pretty close to Rapid City and the Hills… but we have two different worlds between Box Elder and Rapid City… now THAT is a close shave.

Keep sending in your snow reports and make sure you are listening to local and state officials when it comes to the roads. If you get stuck, that means emergency responders have to risk their lives to come and get you… and in some cases they may not even be able to reach you.

Things should clear up by late Monday going into Tuesday, but we’ll have updates for you before then. Thanks for trusting us with your forecast, and stay safe out there! -Brant

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