SUN. 6:40 PM Update: A Do-Not-Travel Advisory Issued by Pennington County Sheriff’s Office

Road Conditions are already deteriorating across portions of our area, and freezing drizzle/rain is moving through the I-90 corridor

6:40 PM UPDATE –

  • Pennington County has issued a No-Travel Advisory for areas outside of Rapid City.
  • Plows are being pulled from county roads until 4 am tomorrow.
  • This does NOT include the City of Rapid City.
  • The Sheriff’s Office will keep the No-Travel advisory active until 5 am tomorrow morning for the County, and is asking for residents to stay off the roads.

Road Conditions as of 6:40 PM in Western South Dakota. Pink and White indicate Snow & Ice covered roads.

Road Conditions in Northeastern Wyoming as of 6:40 PM. Orange Indicates HIGH IMPACTS and Red indicates CLOSED.

  • Snow is expected to end from North to South as we approach the overnight hours. Very slick roads exist across large portions of our area, due to freezing drizzle/rain that fell earlier this afternoon. Winter weather advisories for areas North of I-90 will generally end by midnight tonight, with areas South of I-90 ending Early Monday morning. Slick roads will persist into Monday morning as our temperatures continue to drop into the single digits, coming close to zero in some areas. Stay alert, and give yourself extra time if you must travel this evening.
  • OTHER NOTES: I-25 from Buffalo, WY to Sheridan, WY has been CLOSED.



  • Statement from City of Rapid City on Twitter.

  • Radar as of 8:37 this morning showed light snow bands crossing Northern Meade, Perkins, Ziebach and Harding County.
  • Low level fog and freezing drizzle are moving through portions of the Northern Black Hills and the I-90 corridor.

  • Road conditions are still fair in the Black Hills thus far, but drizzle is starting to freeze on light surfaces like windshields and tree branches – bridges and overpasses will not be far behind.
  • Areas North of the Black Hills have icy conditions and snow covered roads- make sure you are giving yourself extra time and monitoring road conditions.

  • New advisories have been posted this morning, lets start with Rapid City and areas East of the Black Hills.
  • Rapid City, Wall, Hermosa, Box Elder and rural Meade County has an advisory for 1″-2″ of snow and a slight glaze of ice.
  • I think Rapid City could see some isolated pockets of 2″-3″, but overall  1″-2″ is a reasonable estimate.

  • I-90 corridor through the Black Hills, including the Central, Northern and Wyoming Black Hills could see 1″-3″ of snow with isolated pockets of 2″-4″.
  • Once again, Ice could be an issue – so even with light snow accumulations roads could be very slick – give yourself plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of you.

  • Southern Hills, Hot Springs, Custer, Fall River County and Oglala Lakota County could see 2″-4″ of snow and areas of ice as well.
  • Some heavier pockets of snow accumulations up to 2″-5″ could develop near Deerfield and the usual higher elevation spots.

  • Gillette, Newcastle and areas of the Wyoming Plains could see anything from a Trace up to 2″ of snow – with a light glaze of ice being possible as well.
  • Heavier pockets are likely along the foothills of the Bighorns and Sheridan, where 3″-5″ isn’t out of the question.

  • Advisories for areas North of the Black Hills remain the same, citing 2″-4″ of snow and a light glaze of ice.
  • These areas could see an additional 1″-2″ of snow through this morning and afternoon.

  • Between about 1 PM and 5 PM this afternoon will be when most of the action will pass through the Hills and the I-90 corridor.
  • This is when roads will be slick, and when temperatures will be quickly dropping into the teens and single digits.

  • By about 7-10 PM this evening, snow bands will be moving South of I-90, clearing areas North of the hills.
  • Many advisories South of the I-90 corridor go through 6 AM Monday, rather than expiring at midnight tonight.

  • By early Monday morning, skies will have cleared with just a few flurries here and there.

  • Forecast guidance models show temperatures optimistically in the lower teens Monday morning.
  • There will more than likely be areas close to-and-below zero before things slowly recover to the low 20s Monday afternoon.

  • The snow map posted is of *additional* accumulations through this morning and afternoon, not including snow that has already fallen.
  • Some areas have already received some accumulations, particularly North of the Black Hills – so total numbers may be higher than what is posted in this map.


If you have plans today, there’s no reason to cancel them so long as we remember how ice can influence roadways. Drive the conditions, take it slow around curves and give yourself plenty of stopping room. I’m not anticipating the entire Black Hills region to be an ice skating rink – More than likely it’ll be trouble spots and areas that typically get rough during winter conditions such as bridges, overpasses and untreated roads. The City of Rapid City has already indicated they’re prepared to treat roads and will be monitoring conditions. Thank you for trusting us with your forecast, we’ll update with any new pertinent information as it becomes available – but I think most folks get the idea at this point. Be safe out there! -Brant

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