Summer camping reservations in State Parks open Feb. 20

PIERRE, S.D. — February 20 is the first day for outdoor enthusiasts to make reservations for the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Open House and Free Fishing Weekend, which takes place on Friday, May 21 and is traditionally the kick-off to the summer season.

Reservations for other summer dates will follow – opening about 90 days before arrival. More than 40 parks offer camping reservations on the 90-day schedule, with the exception of Custer State Park, which allows reservations a year in advance.

“The sooner you can plan your camping trip, the better,” said Scott Simpson, State Parks Director. “Campsites at popular parks go quickly.”

The following are reservation dates for popular summer camping weekends. These dates are set for a Friday arrival:

  • Memorial Day: February 27
  • Father’s Day: March 20
  • Fourth of July: April 3
  • Labor Day: June 5

GFP encourages campers to venture out to new parks or camp during the week to avoid peak demand and crowds.

Campsites become available at 7 a.m. Central Time on the first day of the 90-day window, however, reservations for available campsites can be made up until the day of arrival. Reservations can be made 24 hours a day, both online and by calling 1-800-710-2267 (taxes and reservation fees may apply).

The 90-day window calendar can be found here.

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