Summer and renovations wind down for Lead-Deadwood Elementary

DEADWOOD, S.D. — About two weeks from the start of school in Lead-Deadwood and as the summer winds down, so do the renovations.

The first half of phase two began as soon as school let out for the summer. Three months isn’t much considering the work done.

“It was a gut everything and start from scratch project,” said Bill Snow, grounds and maintenance supervisor with Lead-Deadwood Schools.

Floors three and four now have expanded classrooms and updated equipment.

“We decided to make the classrooms a little bit bigger to accommodate more student teacher interaction,” said Snow.

Classrooms are now a state-of-the-art teaching environment with smart boards and a one-on-one room for more focused learning.

“We got updated lighting, it’s all LED’s so it’s energy efficient,” said Snow. “We added air conditioning and heating to the building; New bathrooms because there were no bathrooms on this floor.”

No more sending students down a floor when nature calls.

Another big addition was a new sprinkler system – a big bonus considering the building burned in 1985.

“It’s been at least 30 years since anything’s been done,” said Snow. “We really wanted to do an update to it.”

The building, also now handicap accessible after ramps were added in areas like the auditorium.

“I’m just happy that we’re getting close to being done,” said Snow. “It went really well.”

Once this next school year ends, it’s immediately onto the second half of phase two – a gutting of the first and second floors and another three month makeover.

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