Substitute Dusty Johnson pays a visit to local schools

Rep. Dusty Johnson visited with local leaders this week, but a group of students also had a lucky surprise.

Johnson took a walk in a local teachers shoes at Mitchell Middle School this week. He substituted for a seventh grade English and language arts class, and had an opportunity to see first hand how COVID changes have affected students. During his day as a “sub” he had to teach and engage with students in person, without neglecting the group of online students.

While it was difficult at times, he was left with very detailed instructions to help get him through the day. Glad for the experience, he said, often politicians make decisions relying on past experiences with no exposure to the public. Regardless of decisions made, educators have remained dedicated to teaching.

“Every single educator I‘ve talked to, every single administrator, every single nutritional professional, every single paraeducator is just filled with this can-do attitude,” said Johnson. “They want to do right be the kids, they want to have the kids in school if they can be, and they want to make sure that even during challenging times these kids get a great education.”

Johnson also visited students in Spearfish, but it wasn’t to teach. He had lunch with the students of Creekside Elementary. During his visit he discussed the extension of free school meals to all students through the end of the 2020-2021 academic school year.

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