Sturgis vendors gearing up early for Rally

STURGIS, SD — Just days away from the Sturgis Rally and vendors are already gearing up for the huge influx of people.

Dozens of vendors selling food, merchandise and bike parts have been setting up over the past few weeks.

At Biker Clothing Company across from The Knuckle, their 15 employees work at least 12 hours every day to get their products ready.

Managers say that as they approach the 80th Rally next year, people come to Sturgis earlier and earlier, with vendors showing up earlier as well.

“Its not the craziness of the Rally that we know, but its constant the people are here,” said Alejandro Perez, Biker Clothing Company manager, “a lot of people want to avoid the craziness and all of that some people have been here many times and they just want the products. That’s part of why we come here early too.”

Perez also says that many of the people he sees before the Rally aren’t necessarily bikers, and that they’re buying for family members.

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