Sturgis Rally gives South Dakota beef a showcase to the world

STURGIS, SD — Every biker in the Black Hills has their own story which they share on social media.

People share photos of concerts, scenic rides and food. Thousands are posting their meals, drawing eyes to South Dakota beef.

“You remember the people you met you remember the crazy things you saw, and you remember the food you ate.” said celebrity chef Justin Warner, “People will come back year after year and say ‘I had this crazy thing here, I had this crazy thing there’,”

During this Rally, industry leaders are encouraging attendees to take out their phones, take a picture of their food and post it on social media to spread the word about South Dakota beef.

When South Dakota and its food get attention online, people who may never even step foot in the state get a taste of what it has to offer. The pasture-to-plate movement amplified by hundreds of thousands of Rally-goers.

“Maybe I’m telling the story to a different segment of the populous that might not be excited about a motorcycle rally,” continued Warner, “But they might be excited about the best beef in the country.”

More importantly, Warner says, seeing and appreciating South Dakota ranchers gives us a full picture of America’s agriculture industry.

Through modern day storytelling on social media, Rally-goers show people from all over the fruits of South Dakota’s Labor.

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