Sturgis Rally fate to be decided mid-June

STURGIS, S.D. — A decision on whether the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will be held this summer will be made in mid-June.

The city council has set up a list of protocols that will go in to making the decision whether to hold the rally in the second week of August. Among the considerations are whether or not the rally will be a burden on the health of residents and health care services.

The city will also examine the loss of revenue to businesses around the Black Hills region if the rally is not held. Many vendors say the rally makes up a large chunk of their annual profits — and whether or not it is canceled — will still have long lasting effects. Rod Bradley, the owner of Hotel Sturgis and the Oasis Bar said, 

“If something were to change or we end up not having the rally, it would be devastating for the hotel. Get that rally money flowing, but it won’t go back and make up for the months that we were shut down.”

Last year’s rally brought in more than 700-million dollars in spending, as well as 615-thousand dollars for charities and nonprofits. The net profit for the City of Sturgis was over a million dollars. Even with measures being put in place, it does not guarantee a successful rally. Bob Davis, owner of Sturgis Photo and Gifts said,

“If people are still getting sick and they’re afraid to go shopping, that might be a worse feat than not having the motorcycle for a year.”

Despite potential loss, Davis has enjoyed the break. He said, 

“To tell you the truth, I‘m enjoying the vacation. What my position is, is that we should do this every year. I’ve enjoyed taking a month off and I‘ll be looking forward to getting back to work.”

Whether or not business owners agree or are opposed to the decision made, they agree the decision should not be taken lightly. Bradley said, 

“I think it’s gotta be a combination of factors, okay, and I think I‘m in a category where it’s a balance of weighing the economic impact and the health and safety of everyone involved, together.”

On June 15th, Sturgis City Council will make the final decision on whether to hold the rally this year.

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