Sturgis community surprises eight-year-old on birthday

STURGIS, S.D. — An eight-year-old boy just had a birthday he’s sure to never forget.

Landry Wilson’s family in Sturgis had planned a large school birthday party with a basketball game, but had to make a few changes due to the school shutdowns.

You certainly can’t postpone a birthday, so hoping to maintain social distancing, the Wilson’s opted for a special birthday parade.

They were shocked by the community turnout and support.

“I actually put out a little message on Facebook just to see if some of his friends would drive by and say happy birthday, and pretty soon that turned into a whole bunch of people,” said Landry’s mother, Mikayla Wilson. “It just turned into this really big deal in a matter of a day, and all these people just rallied together to make his birthday super super special this year.”

And Landry’s classmates surprised him early in the day, wishing him a happy birthday over zoom.

But wait, that’s not all.

Along with classmates, family members, high schoolers, and even the police and fire departments made a special appearance to celebrate his birthday. They brought balloons, birthday signs, and honked horns for landry — and his teacher even decorated her truck with the names of his classmates.

“I did not know anything like that was coming, it was a big surprise for me,” said a beaming Landry.

Landry’s teacher mentioned how Sturgis is known as a motorcycle town, but was inspired by the support of the tight-knit Sturgis community.

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