Students host an LGBTQ Pride celebration

LEAD, S.D. – June is celebrated as Pride month in the LGBTQ community and high schoolers put together a celebration to show support.

The event was put on by the Lead-Deadwood High School Democrats.

Anyone was welcome to join whether to show support, express who they are, or simply have fun. There were silly string fights, food trucks, and free mom hugs, for those who may not have the support at home.

“Everyone tries to be so positive and comforting with each other and trying to understand one another,” said Ryan Bourgo, an attendee.

Organizers hope that the event will help people better embrace and understand the LGBTQ community.

“There are some people who don’t typically agree and that’s fine as long as I get the respect any human being deserves. I don’t believe it’s that hard to simply accept someone for who they are and allow them to live their life happily,” said Ray Ereth, with the LDHS Democrats.  

The high schoolers hope to continue the tradition in years to come.

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