Students give up spring break to learn leadership skills

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Over 60 middle and high school students in the Rapid City area gave up part of their spring break this week to join a Leadership Boot Camp.

During the camp, they learned about key issues facing their age group and how to approach those issues with their peers.

Youth and Family Services organized the camps and students worked with a number of other organizations including The Front Porch Coalition and WAVI. These organizations specialize in suicide prevention, trauma treatment, and sexual violence.

Students worked together to come up with three focal points for the program. They agreed to focus on mental health awareness, social justice issues, and human trafficking.

Students researched, gave presentations, and held group discussions. On the final day, they gave theatrical skits on real-life scenarios. After the skits, representatives from community resources explained how they can help solve the issue at hand.

“So if you inspire one young person, you give them some good education and techniques they will share with their friends. It’s sort of like the way fire spreads. One person can make a little bit a difference, but if they do a little bit of work with their peers they can really impact a lot of different folks,” said Curt Lauinger, the project manager at YFS. 

At the end of the program, students were rewarded with an ice cream party, hosted at Central High School, and gift cards.

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