String of vehicle burglaries prompts reminder from police: “lock doors, remove valuables”

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Two juvenile boys are in custody after a string of vehicle burglaries across Rapid City, Black Hawk, Summerset, and Piedmont. They were captured Tuesday morning after a short foot pursuit near the Elk Creek Road exit on I-90. Police say they were found to have three stolen vehicles and five stolen firearms.

Vehicle burglaries are a crime of opportunity that can be difficult to investigate. Criminals get in and out of your vehicle in less than a minute, and your valuables – gone – are often impossible to recover.

“Oftentimes, things happen so fast and not a whole lot of evidence is left behind,” says Brendyn Medina, community relations specialist with Rapid City Police.

The recent vehicle burglaries renew calls for common sense practices, such as always locking your car doors and never leaving valuables in a vehicle. In South Dakota – where constitutional carry is permitted – Rapid City Police want to remind gun owners to keep their firearms secure.

“A gun should never be left in a vehicle,” Medina says. “As a responsible gun owner, you are responsible for that firearm 24/7, and you’re not doing that if you’re leaving a gun in a vehicle.”

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Medina says stolen weapons aren’t usually recovered until after they’re involved in another criminal circumstance.

Besides locking doors, Rapid City Police also want the public to report any suspicious activity.

“If you see somebody walking down a row of cars, checking door handles, they’re probably not up to anything charitable,” Medina adds.

One stolen vehicle still can’t be found. It’s a black 2015 Ford F-150 with South Dakota plate 15T492.

If you see it, you’re urged to call Investigator Williams with the Meade County Sheriff’s Office at (605) 347-2681.

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