Strider’s Jingle Bell Bike Ride makes “strides” in raising funds for All Kids Bike

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The fourth annual Jingle Bell Bike Ride Paraded through Sioux Park and Canyon Lake Park Saturday, supporting All Kids Bike and spreading Christmas spirit. The Jingle Bell ride originally started as a Strider Bikes staff event.

“When we ride around, waving at cars, and seeing like everybody dressed up silly, was just so fun, and you could tell that the community enjoyed it so much that we thought that we would open up the invitation, and we turned it into a fundraiser for All Kids Bike,” explains Susie Marcks, Marketing Director at Strider Bikes. 

Jingle Bell Bike Ride

All Kids Bike started in Rapid City, and has already expanded to 48 states.

Lisa Weyer, Executive Director at All Kids Bike, talked about their goals.

“Our mission is to teach every child in America how to ride a bike in their kindergarten PE class,” she says.  

All Kids Bike has already been implemented in 400 schools, and have an objective of reaching all 50 states by the end of 2021. All of the proceeds from the ride go directly to All Kids Bike, which is a movement through Strider Education Foundation, which helps schools get the program started.

“It was the baby of Ryan McFarland, who started Strider Bikes, and he just wanted a way to spread his cheer of teaching every kid how to ride a bike,” Weyer adds. 

Parents and kids hopped on their decorated bikes in their festive costumes, sang Christmas carols, and rang bells as they paraded, or “strided” through the parks.

“It gives people a little bit of motivation to get out, and it’s okay if it’s super cold out and you want to go and get some exercise and also like just being silly and enjoying the Christmas spirit is so fun,” Marcks says. 

Aside from raising money for All Kids Bike, the event provided an opportunity for spirited family fun and exercise, adding pops of joy to a gray winter day.

“I will never forget my first years of riding a bike on this bike path,” says Bill Goodgion, Accounting Manager at Strider Bikes. “I grew up here in Rapid and it has been such a tremendous blessing in my life just to have the freedom to go from here to there as well as the fun it brings.”

Riders were asked to donate $10 to participate, and Strider Bikes representatives were happy to see healthy habits and Christmas cheer on their local bike path.

“Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, so to be a part of this has just been a joy,” Goodgion adds. He hopes to see the event grow year after year.

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