Strider Bikes founder set to be inducted into South Dakota Hall of Fame

RAPID CITY, S.D. — For the past 15 years, Strider Bikes has been fulfilling its goal of getting younger children on bikes with two wheels.

After his company’s efforts and hard work, Founder Ryan McFarland is set to be inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame on Saturday, May 21.

As for what got that business going, it started as a way to get Ryan’s son, Bode, on a bike.

“That bike really proved out the concept that we could get little kids on two wheels and riding at a young age and so a year later I started the company,” McFarland said.

That original design led to Strider, a Rapid City company that’s sold over four million bikes since 2007.

As for the hall of accomplishment, McFarland says he’s now taking to time to soak it in, even if it’s for a little bit.

“You don’t always stop and recognize how far you’ve come, so it’s been really fun to just take a moment to, I guess, savor how far we’ve come and all the people who’ve helped get us this far along the way,” McFarland said.

The accomplishment, part of a bigger message McFarland says is about staying focused.

The business is built on a principle of one step at a time.

“We just kept just kept chunking away at it. You know, just trying to make little incremental increases every day, every week, and you know, it just kept growing,” McFarland said.

But as McFarland will tell you, the business takes somewhat of a backseat approach to its number one goal, to get kids on bikes.

Whether it’s the company’s donations for bike parks, or the Strider All Kids Bike Program, it’s all to create a healthier activity for kids.

“We’ve got to get kids active, and I believe a bicycle is the best way to do that,” McFarland said. “There’s a certain sense of mobility and freedom and independence that comes with a bicycle that a lot of other activities don’t offer.”

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