Storybook Island reopens for 2018 season

Storybook Island opened its gates for the summer on Saturday.

Lots of people were out enjoying the sunshine and the many attractions the park has to offer.

Storybook Island has been bringing children and the community together since 1959.

"It’s just a great place for families to comes together, you know, it just brings people together,” said one dad. “You know a lot of places you go off and do your own thing. When you come here, you just feel like you’re part of something a little bigger. It has some meaning behind it."

The park is free for visitors but donations are encouraged for each person to help keep the attraction free for future generations.

On a gorgeous Saturday, the park’s main customers — children — had rave reviews.

The park offers several events throughout the year.

The next will be character day on June 9, followed by the park’s 59th birthday on Aug. 16.

Storybook Island is open nine in the morning until seven in the evening daily, from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend.