Storybook Island reflects on damage, rebuild after 1972 Flood

RAPID CITY, S.D. — As the anniversary of the 1972 Flood in Rapid City approaches, we look back on places like Storybook Island that experienced extensive loss and damage.

Storybook Island 6The park is in its 63rd year — but even after the improvements over the years, there’s still a way to remember the road to getting back.

After the flood, Storybook Island was awarded a grant for $225,000 with a match from community members to equal $450,000. Officials of the park say that just a year later, the park opened up and has seen a positive amount of growth since.

“But they did it, and they opened in less than a year in this spot. A year later, they opened in June of ’73 and they only opened with two acres developed and now we are on 8.5 acres,” said Jackie Laws, the executive director of Storybook Island.

The official anniversary of the flood is on June 8-9.

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