Storybook Island afternoon concert

Rapid City, S.D. — As summer winds down, Storybook Island remains a source of entertainment for families during the pandemic,

Thursday June 30th, the park hosted 16 year-old Amber Mackenzie, a performer with purpose. Mackenzie has suffered with epilepsy since she was six years old, and has performed around the world hoping to inspire others through her music. While she has held virtual concerts during the pandemic, she is now teaming with hospitals, theater venues and parks to hold concerts. To provide free entertainment for the children of Rapid City, Storybook Island joined with Mackenzie for an afternoon concert. Families enjoyed the weather and live music, which is a bit of a change for the park.

“What a great opportunity for families to bring their children out and play and enjoy the weather, it’s beautiful,” said Kari Daily, a visitor from Montana. “Yeah, I think this is great for kids. My daughter was just dancing to it, she loves it.”

Storybook island has remained open this summer, as there has been more than enough space for social distancing. And like many venues, the park did put safety measures in place in the form of masks for employees, and enhanced cleaning procedures. This has provided an outlet for those who may have missed out on summer vacations.

“We come here once a week because it is one of the only places that’s open, so it’s amazing,” said Rapid City resident Rikki Burgess. “I really enjoy it, we were across the park and we actually came over this way because I was like “that’s not their normal music, let’s go see what’s going on.”  

Storybook Island will remain open to visitors until Labor Day.

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